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Why I moved to a foreign country alone at only 18.

Lars left his mother and girlfriend behind and moved to a foreign country all alone when he was only 18 years old.

By Matilde Ekelund Ørnsholt

On the 22nd of December 2003, in the city of Stavanger, Lars Nikolaj Kosmo Christensen was born. Stavanger is one of the biggest cities in Norway and is located on the southwest coast. Right now he is living there with his mother and their two cats Mia and Cuba, but he would like to move into an apartment of his own at one point. The dream for Lars would be to stay in Stavanger because he thinks it’s a beautiful place with many lakes. From where he lives right now with his mother, he can see the fjords and the sea. He is thinking about moving in with his girlfriend whom he has been with for the past year and a half. Lars is currently living in Odder and is attending Odder Højskole, which is exciting, but also hard because he misses his girlfriend a lot. He chose to come to this specific school because of its strong international program which allows him to improve his English, but he also has a big interest in the journalism, politics, and philosophy program that the school offers.

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