The first ever Crocheting-Pole Dancing-Police Officer?

Katrine from Kolding, Denmark loves Crocheting and Pole Dancing. How did she end up at Odder Højskole and what does the future hold for her?

Written by Thorri Gunnarsson

From the town of Kolding in Denmark comes 19 year old Katrine.

Katrine lives alone with her mother as her father sadly passed away when Kat was 16 years of age. Kat has a boyfriend, and in her spare time Kat likes to do pole dancing, crocheting, play computer games and watch tv series. Kat also likes studying other languages but hasn't been able to keep up the knowledge of the languages so she only knows certain words from a few different languages.

Kat went to elementary school in Kolding but she switched elementary schools in the 6th grade because she was being bullied. 

Kat decided to go to Odder Højskole because she wanted to try something different and she has a friend who attended Odder Højskole, a big reason also why she applied for Odder Højskole is that the school has a pole dancing pole in the gym.

What Kat hopes to gain from her stay at Odder Højskole is a lot of new friends from both Denmark and also around the world as well as Katrine wants to discover the person she is.

In the future Kat wants to either join the Police force or work with kids, but if that doesn´t work out, journalism is something she is willing to make a career out of as she loves writing.