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Some juicy insight into Magnus

Have you ever wondered why Magnus decided to come to Odder Folk High School? Or what he’s planning to do next? Let’s explore the reasons behind his choices. 

by Elena del Campo

Recently I got to do an interview with Magnus Vrang Thomsen, a name that according to him is hard to pronounce due to the silent “g”, that isn’t common in non-scandinavian languages. 

He is 22 years old and decided to spend his next 4 months at Odder Folk High School.


After hearing 2 of his close friends talk about how they liked the folk high school experience he decided to try it himself. Besides being inspired by his trusted friends, it also felt like a chance to catch up on the “efterskole” experience he missed out on. Lastly, he also wanted to dig deeper into things he was interested in.


One of those things is journalism. As a matter of fact, he chose Odder Folk High School specifically because of the journalism program. After this experience he would like to work for another year and move from home. In the spring he is planning to take a test that is mandatory to take to study journalism in Denmark. When asked if he was nervous about it, he seemed quite at ease, thanks to his teacher's reassurance. 


What about after taking the test? Magnus told me he didn’t know yet  since it is a difficult decision that he’s currently thinking about.

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