Roses are red and Johanne is single and ready to mingle at Odder

Johanne Hauggard Nielsen is at the moment a student at Odder Højskole and she is looking foward to getting to know all of her new classmates.

By Julie Højstrup Overgaard

When the 22 year old Johanne Hauggard Nielsen is not traveling India, she enjoys spending her time at Roskilde Festival. She always has a fun anecdote about her time there. 

She also lives in Roskilde with her father, mother and two younger sisters, and of course her dog, Thyge. That’s the name Johanne would have been named, had she been born a boy, but now she just goes by Jo. 

Recently she had to give up her apartment in Copenhagen for her stay here at Odder Højskole. Before coming to Odder she had two gap years that she spent working, traveling and drinking beer, because Johanne is a single beer drinking kind of girl. 

If she started to enjoy beer at her Gymnasium, which she graduated from in the summer of 2020, is yet to be disclosed. Otherwise, at the moment, Johanne is a fun, smiling student at Odder Højskole fall 2022.