Mathilde doesnt think serial killers are cool

"There is a culture around serial killers and some glorify and sexualise them" Mathilde wants to understand why women fall in love with them.

By Lars N Kosmo

Mathilde is a 22 year old woman from Copenhagen. She used to live alone but before starting her semester at Odder folkhøyskole she lived with her family for a small period of time. In Copenhagen she was living with her mom, stepdad and 7 siblings. It’s Fun but Loud. Right now she is studying psychology and journalism. She is debating with herself if she is going to be a psychologist or a journalist, it can’t be an easy decision when her main interest is true crime. Her interest in psychology is not because she thinks serial killers are hot and cool, she wants to understand why a woman could fall in love with a person like that. Maybe she should be a journalist inside the world of criminal  psychology?