From movie to music

Airi Iki from Japan came to Odder Højskole with the thought of having film production as her main subject. Shortly after starting the subject she came to realize that it was not what she thought it was.

By Katrine Luna Kiltang

She chose the subject to develop editing skills, but was unaware of the fact that Film production was mostly about storytelling and developing a story, and many of the people from Film production already had some great editing skills. In September she decided that she wanted to follow her heart and change her main subject from Film Production to Music Production, where she could develop editing skills she wanted.


“In Japan I loved singing and I have been hip hop dancing for 7 years”, Airi says.


Music Production is about creative freedom, where the individual gets the tools to transform their thoughts into songs, music and all in all - art. The class is about the students getting joy out of it, instead of stress, and it makes room for people learning differently and at a different tempo.

“It is important that the students work at their own tempo”


Many people might be too scared to choose the subject, if they have no instrumental skills before coming, but fear not. The Music Production class is all about helping each other, and the website also states that instrumental skills are not required, as the music will be made both instrumental and digital. Here, the school will also provide the necessary tools and introductions to the subject. 

After coming to the school, Airi has started practicing guitar. She came to the class with no musical skills, but her voice.


A few weeks ago, Airi Iki performed her first song, which was a love song to her boyfriend back in Japan. In the month of October and November, she will be working on her second song, which is about the more negative aspect of their relationship. Whether it’s about the distance between Japan and Denmark or the complications a romantic relationship can bring, we will find out in December, where the song will be performed by the artist.


For now, the choice of having Music Production is interest based, due to music being a big part of Airi’s life for so many years, but she is not completely off on the thought of trying music production again in the future.