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From Icelandic Leg of Lamb to Frikadelle

Thorri left his mom's cooking to try something new and some new tastes and smells in Denmark

By: Katrine Luna Kiltang

Iceland is known for having the world's most beautiful nature, and to that, Thorri agrees. But coming from a small country and an even smaller town, everyday life quickly becomes the same. Seeing the same nature and the same people, can for many people make life boring. But for Thorri, the peace and the beauty weighs up high. To make the days different, Thorri enjoys some sports and sports themed video games, along with fortnite and Red Dead Redemption. Also, when an Icelandic leg of lamb is being put on the dinner table, the day gets a little better. Thorri gets to enjoy the meals with his mother, due to his parents being divorced at age 7, and his older brother and sister having started their own families in the capital Reykjavik and a nearby city. It has always been him and his mother, as he never lived at his fathers place, but often visits, as father still lives in his hometown. 

All 10 years of school was spend in the same local school, with a total of 300 students. Highschool was even smaller, with a student population of 50, which meant the teachers had more time to help each student, and Thorri knew them all personally. 

 At the age of 19, it was time for something new, and Thorri decided to follow his best friend Elsa to Odder Højskole, away from nature and the known surroundings. Seeing himself as a type that parties hard, we have a student here who won’t miss his chance on the Højskole parties. When the time here ends, and its time to start real life, Thorri could see himself working in the police, or as a journalist. Taking a business education was on the table for a short time, but due to Thorri seeing himself as terrible at math, that one might remain a thought.

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