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From Belgium To Denmark (And Then South Korea To The Netherlands)

Elena Del Campo, 17, grew up in Belgium, but she plans to spend the next couple of years in both Denmark, South Korea and The Netherlands.

Skærmbillede 2022-08-25 kl. 14.46.53.png
By Magnus Vrang Thomsen

Elena Del Campo comes from Flanders in Belgium. A place the seventeen-year-old describes as rainy and flat. Elena Del Campo comes from the capital Bruxelles, where she splits her time between living with her Belgian mother or her Spanish father, who are divorced. She likes life in the city, but after her gap year she wants to move to another capital, Amsterdam, to study. Elena Del Campo would like to study sociology or anthropology, but not before finishing a gap year, where she will live in Denmark and then South Korea. Besides learning Korean, she wants to try new things, especially in the creative department, since she aims to spend the rest of her studying years with a lot of writing and reading.

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