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Film for fun

By: Katrine Luna Kiltang

Victor Koch came to Odder Højskole, thinking he should follow his passion for tech. What attracted him was the subjects OH!Tech and Film Production.


Victor just finished a 5 year long IT education, and wanted to take a break from adult life to seek new challenges at a Højskole and extend his mindset. After arriving, he came to realize that he wanted something else than Tech. And yet, not completely. Film Production attracted him to school, and is still a subject he enjoys. 


Before coming, Victor had little experience editing youtube videos, which were mainly gameplay clips, but had never made a movie project before. Editing is also a part of production he enjoys.


At the beginning of the school year, the students at Film Prod. got introduced to the different aspects of creating something. A small project with different aspects in focus. Light, camera, sound etc. 


Victor and his team have started the second phase of producing - the script writing.


It takes 4 weeks to make a movie, each week with it’s own goal:


In the first week they came up with ideas and stories

Next they write the script and give out roles to the team members

Week 3 is about filming

The last week is the last touch on the film. The editing process


During his stay at OH, he has made 1 movie with his group, which will be shown to the school Friday nov. 10. 

When a Film Production is finished and a new one is up for developing and producing, the students go together in new groups. It is possible to switch groups during the second phase, if the student doesn’t find the given story interesting.


Even though Victor enjoys his stay at Odder Højskole as a Film Producer, it’s not likely that he will use it in the future. 

“I will not use it, except for small hobby projects” he says. 

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