Dynamic Duo

Bastian Müller and Simas Bagdonas both have the subject music production. Together they have created a partnership where Simas is rapping and singing, while Bastian is producing. They are currently working on their next project.

By Magnus Vrang Thomsen

What are you doing now?

Simas: We are about to record another one. Another banger. We still don't have a name for it, but we will come up with it.

Bastian: It's Gustav(Gustav Kristensen red.) who has made the beat for Simas and I will help Simas record the vocals and mix and master the track, so that it sounds nice.


Do you feel any pressure when making music?

S: No pressure, every single song of mine is a hit. I just don't miss.

B: And i will make sure it sounds fucking amazing.

S: Bastian, don't miss it all.


What if people don't like it?

B: Then they haven't got any taste. That's how it is, because if you don't like Simas’ music, then you don't like his heart.

S: I'm spilling my heart in this shit, giving my soul, my sweat, my blood, everything.


What's the best part about working with Simas?

B: There is no re-recording with this man. He does it all in one take, and he is spot on, he is tight and his lyrics are superb. And he has an easy voice to mix, because he has a nice rounded voice.

simas og bastian2.png
simas og bastian1.png

What's the best part about working with Bastian?

S: With Bastian there's no bullshit. We go to the booth, do the thing, record it and he just does the magic. I like it a lot. He helps a lot with everything. He has great ideas.


What's the worst part about working with Simas?

B: It takes up time from my own projects sometimes, but that is also a good thing, because Simas’ projects have now become my projects.


What's the worst part about working with Bastian?

S: It's hard for him to find time to work, because he is busy with his own projects. Then I'll have to wait.


Have you got anything planned for Odder Vision?

S: Let's keep it a surprise, you know.