Biting cold and lost teeth

An icelandic girl’s eager desires of self-development. This comes at the expense of her own dental health.

By Victor Bagger Isvik

Elin grew up in a small area inside the capital of Iceland - Reykjavik. Here she would live out her early life as quite a crazy child, with lots of anger issues, and tons of energy. Reykjavik wasn’t capable of holding Elin down, which resulted in her spending a substantial part of her childhood getting injured and laid claim to the loss of her last baby teeth in 3rd grade. Other than being extremely self-destructive, she grew up in a loving home with her Icelandic mom and German dad. Elin was the first born, and is now the oldest of 3, followed by a little brother and an adorable 11 year old sister.

Once she graduated from gymnasium, she chose to seek new challenges, due to being burned out on the education system. She wanted to have some fun with a group of friends, and together they found Odder Højskole. She already had experience with the Danish language from the Icelandic school system, but was eager to learn more. It fell in their interest, mostly due to the cheap pricing, and being frugal is always in Elin's best interest, but the sports and arts aspects of the school also had an impact.