A football loving village girl ready to take the big city by herself 

Julie portræt fun.jpg

By Johanne Hauggaard-Nielsen

Sports-interested Julie from Hillerslev is finally out spreading her wings outside the small village. But what does she dream of achieving?

A small village with fields as far as the eyes can see. Julie Overgaard, her three older siblings and their parents. All quiet and peaceful. Hillerslev the village is called. Julie’s father is a farmer working from early morning to late in the night every day of the week. That is not a profession Julie will inherit. She is not interested in farming, or the science subjects connected to farm life. She does not care about biology, geography, or mathematics. Language neither. As well as jobs with costumer contact which she established her hate towards at her last occupation in a flower shop. Sport in contrast is something she cares about. Football is her favorite. Playing around in the grass, laughing, sweating while the sun goes down. It is the most enjoyable time of her week. Julie loves the atmosphere and loving environment in a small village like Hillerslev, but she knows she will leave the village permanently sometime soon. That’s why she is loving staying at Odder Højskole at the moment. One day in the future, Julie wants a big house, a caring husband and three kids. Hopefully only boys because girls freak her out. Right now, she is only 20 years old, so that’s years ahead. Before all that happening Julie wants an education. A candidate in history probably.